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Minimalist 健康 Life

Super Simple, Eco Friendly, the Best Toothpaste for Frugal Life in Japan!


I have received several questions about toothpaste I use recently. This home-made toothpaste idea is ...

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クレイ Natural Medicine / Treatment Sickness / Injury Child care

Natural Medicine for scratches or light injuries: Tips for active baby boy's mom


My lovely 28 months old boy did it again. He is getting very active recently. He even did a forward ...

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Sickness / Injury Child care

The Best Thing I Bought for my Son's Running Nose ~Merci Pot


My son is having running nose for about 2 weeks now..... I took him to the pedestrian who just told ...

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Aroma therapy / Herbal medicine Life Beauty

3 Organic Shampoo Recommendations: Before You Wash Your Hair with Soap


Personally, I have not used any shampoo or conditioner for years, however I will not recommend switc ...

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Aroma therapy / Herbal medicine Life Child care

Natural Anti-bug/mosquito spray: Safe for Kids!


There are many kinds of anti-bug or mosquito spray in Japan but it has very strong scent and it alwa ...

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