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Minimalist 健康

Super Simple, Eco Friendly, the Best Toothpaste for Frugal Life in Japan!


I have received several questions about toothpaste I use recently. This home-made toothpaste idea is ...

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My thought

Documentary "Before the Flood"


Here is the video. ...

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Food / Meal

How to Cook Soft and Tasty Brown Rice~Say Good Bye for Hard and Dry Brown Rice


I personally do not eat much brown rice anymore because it has a very powerful detox effect, however ...

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クレイ Natural Medicine / Treatment Sickness / Injury

Natural Medicine for scratches or light injuries: Tips for active baby boy's mom


My lovely 28 months old boy did it again. He is getting very active recently. He even did a forward ...

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Food / Meal

Don't Want Your Child to Beg for Snacks or Sweets? Here Can Be The Solution!


My son never ever beg for snacks or sweets even his friends are eating in front of him. One of my "m ...

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