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How to Cook Soft and Tasty Brown Rice~Say Good Bye for Hard and Dry Brown Rice


I personally do not eat much brown rice anymore because it has a very powerful detox effect, however it is very good to have it occasionally as the protection from radiation.

I just learned that many people actually do not really know how to cook Japanese brown rice so I decided to share my Japanese tip on how to cook tasty brown rice for international moms.

First of all, the most important thing is what kind of brown rice you purchase. If it was heat dried, this method may not work because it will not sprout properly.

(If you are interested in where I buy my rice, check this article. I put all the list for the food shopping.)

Here is the simple 5 steps. Rice will soak up the most first water you pour so please make sure to use clean water (mineral water if prefer). I personally do not use tap water.

  1. Wash the brown rice GENTLY with both of your hands like you are praying. (This way of washing is called Ogami Arai in Japanese.) You do not need to wash that much because you do not want to break rice. Just try to wash the dust or anything on rice.
  2. Soak it with a clean water  AT LEAST 6 to 12 hours. I personally put soaked brown rice at room temperature night before if it is winter but keep it in to the refrigerator if it is summer.
  3. Throw away the water after you soak rice. You may see the small sprout from each rice. If you can see that, it is good.
  4. The amount of water you use will be about 200 to 220 cc/ml per a cup of brown rice. You can cook it in the electric rice cooker or cooking pot like this. I use this one personally because it tastes better and it will cook evenly in short time.
  5. Add soaked brown rice, cold water, pinch of sea salt, and 5 cm square Sea Weed (optional) in the pot, start cooking the rice as you wish and do not open the lid about 10 to 15 mins after it is cooked.  You now will see the beautiful, shiny, soft brown rice! It will never be dry and hard brown rice.

If you are using electric rice cooker, please follow the instruction for each machine.

If you are using pressure cooker, it will be much faster to cook since brown rice already soak up enough water.

If you are using the rice cooker pot like I do, it will take about 15 mins to cook for 2 to 3 cups of brown rice exclude steaming time.

I hope this information will help some of you and let's enjoy tasty brown rice!

Here is the rice cooker I use. This will keep the heat really well in the pot and well calculated to cook rice perfectly. I highly recommend to get these kinds of rice cooker if you want to have a very good rice every day!




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