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Natural Medicine for scratches or light injuries: Tips for active baby boy's mom


My lovely 28 months old boy did it again.

He is getting very active recently. He even did a forward roll all of sudden and he looked very proud with a big smile. (I never taught him how to do it too...)

Today, he was climbing up and down on the couch. I meant to put the couch in the other room so that he cannot clime it up because I was afraid that he was going to get hurt but it was just too little too late.....

He fell from the edge of the couch and scratched a bit on his butt....

It was bleeding a bit and of course he cried a lot with tears.....

When I saw the scratch with a bit of blood, I got panic, however, I just remembered that I had a collection of Aroma France's clay because I have read that clay is another natural medicine and good for my skin or hair.

I quickly dig up my collection of clay and found White Kaolin.

It is a white dusty powder, which looks so similar to a baby powder you can find at any drug store.

I applied a bit of White Kaolin to my son's scratch, which made the scratch dry immediately and could see how clay is protecting his scratch.

I personally never used white kaolin for diaper rush because my son did not really get any however, you can also use it instead of "baby powder".

The texture is very similar to a baby powder but I personally thought this white kaolin is a bit more fine. I could feel that clay really sticks to my son's skin.

If you have a very active baby boy and want to avoid commercialized medicine, it would not hurt you to own at least white kaolin.

I will carry around this clay with me in a small container from now on. (Of course, it is so much better if he just does not get any injures!!)




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