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Don't Want Your Child to Beg for Snacks or Sweets? Here Can Be The Solution!


My son never ever beg for snacks or sweets even his friends are eating in front of him.

One of my "mama tomo", friend through your child, asked me why my son never does it.

She seemed like she just did not get it because any other children she saw or even her child does it.

I do not even force him not to have those snacks so maybe that is why she wondered and asked me what I do at home.

So, here is what I told her.

  • I have never bought any snacks or given to him since he was born.
  • I sometimes bake cookie or pound cake with a bit of maple syrop or Mirin (Japanese natural sweetner)
  • He had few bites of sweets you could find at supermarket but he did not really show any reaction and did not ask for more.

I was afraid to be offensive because I know that I can be very detailed so I did not tell her much about what I am careful or avoid in my son's diet, however, I may should start sharing what I do for my son little by little if they want to know.

I do give him liver regularly, cod liver oil, animal based protein and fresh organic vegetables.

The other possible reasons why my son does not beg for snacks are:

  • I do not buy any snacks in general so no body eats it at home (It just does not exist at home).
  • I simply do not buy any snacks for him so he may not know that whatever his friend is eating is sweet and "tasty".
  • His body has enough nutrition so he does not really want to eat any junk foods (I am the same way)
  • I am avoiding any sugary fruits if it is not on season
  • I am cooking with the real seasoning (always check the ingredients to make sure nothing unnatural thing is in) so he may not think that any snacks or sweets is not tasty.

The thing he likes are:

  • grass fed butter
  • my home made salted pram (Ume boshi), Japanese traditional food
  • cod liver oil
  • liver
  • organic meat and fish
  • organic vegetables
  • non white rice
  • Nori (Sea Weed?

If anybody does not want children to beg for snacks at the supermarket, feeding them good animal based protein rich food and good quality of oil.



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