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The Best Thing I Bought for my Son's Running Nose ~Merci Pot


My son is having running nose for about 2 weeks now.....

I took him to the pedestrian who just told me that it was just a seasonal thing so I just need to make sure to suck his nose regularly.

Good thing is he does not have any fever or cough, just running nose.

Since he got sick for the first time when he was 8 months old (and I need to add that it was on January 1.....!), I am using the electric nasal aspirator, which I love!

Yes, he cried a lot when we used it for the first time, however he realized that this machine actually made him better after we used it several times.

Now, he cries a bit and whine as well but he come to me and say "nose, nose" whenever he wants to use this machine, prepares the cushion and lies down.

(It is adorable, yet still my poor son with running nose....! )

This machine, Merci Pot,  is a medical level nasal aspirator and also have the long silicon parts, which will suck out all the running nose, even a sticky one, in one time.

This is really my life savior! Super easy to suck running nose, easy to clean, and no need to try so hard to suck your baby's running nose. If you use it properly, you can actually prevent the ear infection as well.

My son, 27 months old never has ear infection so far. I believe it is all thanks to this merci pot!

If you don't try it yet, I highly recommend getting it. You will see what I am talking about and why it is so popular in Japan.




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