Being Free From Mess ~ No Need to Worry About Organizing Clothes Every Seasons


It has been five to six years since I do not even organize clothes every season (Koromogae in Japanese).

When I was living on my own, I was already trying not to have too many clothes because of the space.

Now, I have two ALGOT (from IKEA) for all of my clothes except dresses, jackets and coats.

I actually do not think that having many things is a bad idea as long as you are comfortable with. Some Japanese minimalist blogger do have very few cheap clothes for every seasons however, I do not agree with it too. I rather want to have something I really like and good quality one. It will last longer as well.

As for me, once I established what will look good on me and what I love to wear, it was very easy to cut down the amount of clothes.

Also, I only have 2 ALGOT so space is limited. It has been a great advantage to control myself when I go shopping for my clothes.

Since this summer in Japan will be very very hot and humid, it might be good idea to stay at home and go through your closets. It feels real good when you do not need to organize and wonder what you want to wear from tons of clothes!

Below is a book recommendation. I really enjoyed this book! (Some are in Japanese.)





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