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3 Organic Shampoo Recommendations: Before You Wash Your Hair with Soap


Personally, I have not used any shampoo or conditioner for years, however I will not recommend switching from commercialized shampoos to bar soaps cold turkey because I have heard there is potential for trouble when you do that.

I also never dyed my hair nor did anything to my hair for my entire life. So this review might not be that helpful for those who have damaged hair.

However, these products have the possibility to work as a stepping stone to help damaged hair.

Before then, I tried several organic shampoos and I feel that it was a very good thing that I used those shampoos before I started using bar soap to wash my hair because my hair could adjust the "balance" over time.

One of the first shampoos I used was this shampoo from Julique, an Australian company.

It had several aromas so I was switching it from time to time. I would say it was not a completely gentle shampoo however, it had a very rich aroma from the herbs they grow on their own farm in Australia. I consider it a good starter from the commercialized shampoo. I also liked their herbal oils as well. It is the best for the steaming.

My second recommendation is Aubrey's shampoo.

It was a very unique shampoo in texture, aroma and how my hair turned out after I washed it. It took for a while to be able to have my ideal shiny hair, however it did not cause me any rash or itch. If you are looking for some good organic shampoo to start, I personally recommend this one.

Our third one is john master's organic shampoo.

This is a fairly standard shampoo in my opinion. Any type of hair should be fine with this. I keep this shampoo for guests who are spending the night as necessary.

These are the main shampoos I was using before I shifted to using soap.

I hope some of these can be helpful for you as well!



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