Life with a simple soap


I do not really use any special or unique soap in my daily life.

Only thing I use is regular soap, baking soda and citric acid.

My family does not use any shampoo or body soap so only thing we have in our shower is a bar of regular soap and rice vinegar (as conditioner).

As I do not put anything else in the shower room, it is very easy to clean.

With no clutter the dirt can easily be seen, so you know when you need to touch up the shower.

With that said, sometimes when I take a bath, I do use Epsom salt (on rare occasions).

I have found that if you do not need to buy any detergent or special soaps, you do not need to do much shopping as well.  Thus your life becomes a bit more simpler.

For the laundry, I just put in powder soap and use citric acid as a softener.

When it comes to cleaning I use a variety of simple tools and ingredients.

For the bathroom (toilet), I make a spray bottle with tap water and rice vinegar. You will be surprised how well vinegar can kill the smell and how it will make your toilet sparkle.

I just simply spray it on the toilet and wipe it with a old rag (usually cut up clothes my family does not wear anymore) or toilet paper. It is very simple and even safe for kids to do the cleaning too!

For the shower room, I use water with citric acid mixed in a bucket and a sponge.  For the tub, I use baking soda to get off the grime.

If you do not need to buy any special cleaner for every little thing, there are many advantages. For instance: you will have less clutter in your cupboards, you can save more money, and it is very simple to do cleaning.

I highly recommend to have a life style with regular soap, especially when you have children because you can cut down a lot of time on cleaning or shopping.

Instead, you can spend that time with your lovely children.

You can start taking one step at a time. Let's have a eco friendly and simple life together! 🙂




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