Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog!

I had my son in 2015 and now I am a stay-home mom.

I decided to start this blog in English as well in order to share ideas related to bilingual education, organic food choice, direct sugar-free childcare, aroma therapy, cloth diapers (EC), baby wrap etc.

My blog has mostly Japanese entries right now, but I will add more English entries later.


Let me share my background a little bit here.

I started to care about what I eat and drink as well as what I put on my skin after I started to experience super sensitivity to any synthesized cosmetic when I was 21.

I changed my life style drastically back then: I started from being vegan for about 3 months, did a macrobiotic diet, followed by a vegetarian diet. Now I am eating good quality animal-based proteins, vegetables, beans and fruits in a good balance.

As for raising my son, I do not go to a hospital often; I never used any Western medicine on him yet because I believe from my experience that if you are careful with what you eat and you take careful consideration of your body's physical status (ex: body temperature), your immune system will have enough power to fight general ailments such as fevers, running noses and coughing. So far, it is working.

However, this does not mean that I will never go to a hospital. If I think it is necessary to use Western medical strategy, then I will do so.


My blog title comes from the Native American way of thinking, and the diaper I am using for my son "Seventh Generation".

From my pregnancy, I truly feel that how to raise my child is directly inherited from my parents and my grand parents. Essentially, whatever I am doing to my son, to myself and to this earth now, will be bequeath thus having a huge impact on next generation.

That is why I do care about my choices in life.


My blog is based on what I research, read or hear, as well as what I think and feel.

I hope this blog will help international wives in Japan and of course any mums around the world.

Let's make our life happy and healthy together!


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